You often catch yourself driving at high speeds, parking your vehicles in inappropriate places, or changing lanes carelessly. What is the end result? Tickets for traffic violations!

Dealing with fines and other court penalties can be tough and time-consuming. But NJMCDirect makes it easier for New Jersey residents and visitors to pay their fines quickly and securely.

About NJMCDirect

NJMCDirect is an online portal that enables users in the state of New Jersey to pay traffic tickets and other municipal court expenses. NJMCDirect is a quick and effective way to make court-related payments without visiting a courtroom physically.

Requirements for being eligible for payment through

To be eligible for payment through, you must match the following requirements:

  • You would require a smartphone, laptop, and a stable internet connection (Wi-fi or cellular data). This will be required to complete the form.
  •  A traffic ticket. That is the most significant condition, and the ticket will be used as evidence of payment. You must ensure that the ticket is legitimate and lawful, as it will be utilized by cops if you violate any traffic regulations in the future. The ticket would also include your court ID, the ticket number, and the infraction you tried.
  • You also need the license plate number, which you can get from your driver’s license. There you will find the details of your car and the license plate number.
  • For payment, you will need a credit or debit card to complete the online transaction. However, it is recommended that you use your MasterCard Debit or VISA card to make online payments easily.

How to Pay NJ Traffic Ticket Online

You may pay your NJ traffic ticket online at But please note that using the NJMCdirect website to pay your ticket will incur a 3% charge.

njmcdirect pay traffic ticket online


  1. On your device, open a browser of your choice.
  2. Visit the NJMCDirect official website.
  3. You will be redirected to the NJMCDirect homepage when you open the online site.
  4. Go to the “Traffic Ticket Search” or “Time Payment Order” option.
  5. Now begin the payment procedure if you are using NJMCDirect.
  6. Get your ticket number, Court ID, ticket prefix code, and license plate number.
  7. Now, use the debit or credit card from which you wish to pay.
  8. Click Proceed and complete your payment. 

How to Find NJ Traffic Ticket Number Online?

If your ticket number has been misplaced or lost, don’t fret! You can simply use NJMCdirect’s search function to recover the number online.

find traffic tickets online
  • Enter the traffic ticket or complaint number into the New Jersey Municipal Court Case Portal.
  • Look for the search bar on the home page and click on it.
  • Click the ‘I Agree’ option to proceed.
  • If you know the ticket number, go to the ‘Search By’ tab and select ‘Ticket Number’.
  • Fill in the blanks with your name or court identification number, the ticket number, and the prefix.
  • Correctly enter the captcha and press the search button.

However, to locate your ticket in the Traffic Ticket System, you will require the court ID number, the ticket number, and your license number.

In the absence of the ticket, contacting the municipal court in the city or town where the ticket was issued would be the best action. If you are not sure where the ticket was issued? Give 609-421-6100 a ring, and the helpful court personnel will assist you in locating your ticket through your driver’s license number.

What if NJMCdirect Can’t Find Ticket Details?

If NJMCdirect can not find your ticket information, there are a few options you can use:

Ensure you have entered the correct information, including the court number ID, ticket number, and driver’s license number. Typos or errors can cause the system to be unable to find your traffic ticket.

If you are sure you have entered the correct information and the system still cannot find your traffic ticket, it is possible that the traffic ticket has not yet been entered into the system. Processing and entering traffic tickets into the system can take some time. So it may be worth waiting a few days before searching for your traffic ticket again.

Alternatively, you can contact the local court in the city or town where you received your traffic ticket. There, they have access to all the necessary information and can help you track down the details of your traffic ticket.

How to Contact the NJ Municipal Court?

There are various methods to contact the Municipal Court of New Jersey. A few of them are listed below:

1. The contact information for your local municipal court may be found on the NJ Courts’ official website.

2. You can also contact the Municipal Court Services Division at 609-815-2900 ext. 54850.

NJMCDirect Portal Timings at

njmc online payment hours

The NJMCDirect payment portal is only accessible during certain hours of operation. The following are the online payment hours, according to the NJ Courts website:

  • Monday to Thursday, from 04:30 AM to 11:15 PM
  • Friday, from 04:30 AM to 10:15 PM
  • Saturday, from 04:30 AM to 03:15 PM
  • Sunday, from 01:00 PM to 11:15 PM

How to Pay NJ Surcharge?

pay NJ Surcharge

The New Jersey Surcharge Violation System (NJSVS) website allows you to pay your NJ Surcharge online. To view your surcharge record and make a payment, you will need your Driver’s License Number, Surcharge Number, Judgment Number, Installment Payment Plan Number, Notification Number, or Date of Birth. 

  • To begin, go to, the official website of the New Jersey Municipal Court.
  • After selecting the proper option, you must enter your correct date of birth.
  • Once you’ve completed the preceding steps, locate and click the submit button.

You can contact their toll-free Customer Support Center at 844-424-6829 for further queries between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday to Friday. You will be charged a 2% or 3% processing fee, which may be simply paid with a credit or debit card.

Alternative Surcharge Payment Methods

If you are uncomfortable with the online payment method, you may also pay offline. Here’s how to pay your surcharge bills without going online.

  • The payment may be made through Western Union Money Transfer.
  • You can pay the extra fee with a cheque or money order.

Plead Not Guilty to Traffic Violation

If you have been charged with a traffic offense and think you are not guilty, you can plead not guilty and contest the accusations in court. To plead not guilty to a traffic infraction, follow these steps:

Understand the Entire Ticket Carefully: 

The first thing to do is carefully study the print on the ticket. Each ticket comes with a court date marked on it. For setting the Court date, the Court adopts its own guidelines. Hence, you must not miss the dates mentioned on your parking ticket. The date printed on the ticket is the same as when you must plead not guilty in court or submit the Plead Not Guilty Application.

Makes Yourself Available on the Prescribed Date: 

When you have pled not guilty, the court will issue you a notice with the hearing date. Get yourself prepared prior on the stated day. If you are unable to appear in court on the scheduled date, you can seek the assistance of a traffic court lawyer.

This is known as a Plea by Email. A plea like this requires an affirmative demonstration that appearing in court to resolve the problem would not be a hardship for the defendant. These pleas save both the court’s time and the time of out-of-state offenders.

Plan a meeting with the prosecutor

On the first court date, the prosecution usually files charges more relevant to the license than the initial crime. As a result of the meeting with the prosecutor, you will have fewer charges on your ticket and a lower fine. In such cases, paying a lower amount with fewer points on the license is preferable.

Appear in court:

Even if you reach a plea agreement with the prosecution, you must appear before the judge. This is because the judge’s consent is required for the ultimate decision on the contract. The Court will ask you to give the factual basis for the driving record of modified charges. At the hearing, you will be given some opportunity to speak.

If the court accepts your settlement, you can pay the agreed amount immediately after you appear in court. You must have cash, a credit card, or a checkbook. If you cannot pay on the spot, you may ask the Court for a payment plan.

Engage the services of an attorney:

You must remember that as a citizen of the country, you have many rights and alternatives. You can employ an attorney/lawyer or meet with a traffic attorney for advice on your situation and to discuss your next steps.

Speed Limit Violation Fees in NJ

According to Rosenblum Law, a speeding ticket in New Jersey costs between $85 and $260. Here’s a breakdown of the penalty depending on how far you went over the speed limit:

  • Above 1-9 mph: $85
  • Above 10-14 mph: $95
  • 15-19 mph excess: $105 
  • 20-24 mph excess: $200 
  • 25-29 mph excess: $220 
  • 30-34 mph excess: $240 
  • 35-39 mph excess: $260

How to Contact the NJMCDirect Customer Support:

If you have problems with the payment, you can contact customer service and get all your questions clarified. 

  • Phone: 9732844945
  • Fax: 9732844914
  • NJMCDirect office address: NJMC Public Safety Building, 2ND Floor, 228 Chesnutt Street
  • Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8 A.M. to 4 P.M. (not the same as the NJMCDirect portal working hours)

FAQs – People Also Ask

Question 1: How long does it take for a ticket to show up online in NJ?

Answer 1: A traffic ticket is typically accessible for viewing on 1 to 4 days after it is issued. You can try again later or contact the court if a ticket is unavailable.

Question 2: How much is a parking ticket in NJ?

Answer 2: In New Jersey, the amount of parking citations varies based on the kind of offense. Below is a list of typical parking offenses and their corresponding fines:

Fire Hydrant$54
Private Property$55
Double Parking$54
Blocking Driveway$54
25 Feet from Crosswalk$54
50 Feet from Stop Sign$54
Alternate Side Parking$45
Snow Emergency$200

Question 3: How can I check online if my license is suspended in NJ?

Answer 3: To determine if your New Jersey driver’s license has been suspended, call the NJMVC at 609-292-6500 or obtain your driver’s abstract online.

Question 4: What is the NJ MVC user ID?

Answer 4: The NJ MVC user ID is a unique identification number assigned to each person who has registered with the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) online service portal.

Question 5: Can I pay for a ticket over the phone, NJ?

Answer 5: Yes, you can pay for a ticket over the phone in NJ. The New Jersey Municipal Court’s Automated Traffic System allows payments over the phone using a credit card.

Question 6: How long does a traffic ticket take to appear on the NJMCdirect website?

Answer 6: A traffic ticket is normally accessible to read on from 1 to 4 days after it is issued.


In conclusion, NJMCDirect is a convenient online portal for paying traffic tickets and surcharges in New Jersey. However, sometimes finding ticket details can be challenging, and in such cases, it is essential to contact the NJ Municipal Court for assistance. 

The portal has specific timings for use, and alternative surcharge payment methods are available. It is also possible to plead not guilty to a traffic violation, which may result in higher fees. Overall, NJMCDirect provides a helpful service for NJ residents to manage their traffic tickets and surcharges.

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